The Karlsruhe Physics  Course (KPK) 

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Volume Thermodynamics

Volume Electromagnetism (upload September 2019)

Volume Optics (uploaded June 2020) 

Volume Mechanics (uploaded June 2021) 

For the Junior High School

Volume 1: Energy, momentum, entropy

Volume 2: Data, electricity, light 

Volume 3: Reactions, waves, atoms

The Teacher’s Manual

For the Senior High School 

Volume Thermodynamics

The Teacher’s Manual: Thermodynamics

Volume Electromagnetism

The Teacher’s Manual: Electromagnetism

Volume Mechanics

The Teacher’s Manual: Mechanics

Volume Atoms, Nuclei, Particles

The Teacher’s Manual: Atoms, Nuclei, Particles

Volume Oscillations, Waves, Data

The Teacher’s Manual: Oscillations, Waves, Data

For the Primary School

The Energy book

Various publications

Publications in the American Journal of Physics

Publications in the European Journal of Physics

Publications on arXiv

Publications on MDPI: Which Physical Quantity Deserves the Name “Quantity of Heat”?

The chain fountain with momentum currents 


Guest publication

An Electrical Model of a Carnot Cycle

MINGHUA CHEN, Teacher Education Center, Shaoxing, China

Guest publication

Thoughts on the Karlsruhe Physics Course

GUOBIN WU, University of Shanghai for Science and Technology

Guest publication

Comment on ‘A new perspective of how to understand entropy in thermodynamics’

MINHUA CHEN, Jianhu High School, Shaoxing, China

Historical burdens on physics

F. Herrmann and G. Job

The monthly published articles were combined into a single file for the first time in 2013. In August 2019 an update was made, i.e. 59 further articles, which had appeared in the meantime, were integrated into the file. These new articles are color-coded in the table of contents (page 3 of the present pdf document).

Recent Articles

183. The drive of substance flows – particle number density or chemical potential? (upload May 2019)

184. The drive of substance flows – substance flows across phase boundaries (upload May 2019)

185. The entropy of the universe (upload August 2019)

186. Broadband internet access (upload December 2019)

187. The ideal gas law and the undesired quantities entropy and chemical potential (upload December 2019)
188. White dwarfs, part 1: Pressure or force equilibrium? (upload April 2020)

189. White dwarfs, part 2: Rituals of explanation (upload April 2020)

190. Keep it simple… (upload June 2020)

191. Teaching the twin paradox? (upload July 2020)

192. False friends (upload August 2020)

193. Gravitational acceleration (upload October 2020)

194. Wave-particle duality (upload October 2020)

195. Longitudinal and transverse mass (upload December 2020)

196. Potential energy (add-on) (upload January 2021)

197. How the sun is working (upload March 2021)

198. Black and white and the blue of the sky (upload April 2021)
199. Poynting vector and Maxwell stress tensor (upload June 2021)

200. Equations of motion (upload July 2021)
201. Central force and centripetal force (upload September 2021)

202. Quanta and quantization (upload September 2021)

203. Absolute spacetime (upload September 2021)