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The verdict of the German Physical Society against the Karlsruhe Physics Course

Whoever undertakes to act as an authority in the field of truth and knowledge fails by the laughter of the gods.
Albert Einstein

The DPG makes a terrible discovery: There is a physics course that challenges the established teaching tradition. Physics could be easier to understand. The course would need less teaching time. Learning physics would be less frustrating. The representatives of the pure doctrine become aware that the source of the disease has existed for more than 20 years and that numerous metastases have developed since then. In their opinion, the institution that is responsible for the defense of the established teaching tradition, the didactic section of the DPG, has failed: The representatives of this part of the DPG have omited to „alert“ the DPG Executive Board.

The DPG Board assigns a panel that has the task of finding errors in the KPC. The easiest way to knock the course off would be to show that it contains errors. In order to get the work done in a smooth way, three of the members of the Executive board appoint themselves as members of the panel and in the event that someone should come up with the idea to address an Ombudsman,  one of DPG's Ombudsmen is also appointed.

In regards to the errors in the KPC, they were easily found or so at least the panel members believe, and the Executive board believes the panel members. However, the experts of the panel took some liberties as far as scientific rigor is concerned. But since it is a matter of urgency, one must not get sidetracked.
Why not claim that there are no momentum currents in nature? Nobody knows anything about it anyway.

Why distinguish between the concepts magnetic charge and magnetically charged particles? Hopefully nobody cares for such subtleties.
Why distinguish between the colloquial and the physical use of a word? You must not be too picky with a detail when a great objective is to be reached.
Since the reactions to the first version of the DPG report are not what the authors of the report had expected, they added another somewhat longer treatise too. The fact that it is somewhat confusing, may be explained by their lack of time. Apparently there was also no time to study the literature.

Which assumption is more frightening:
1. The panel members did not read the KPC.
2. They read the KPK but did not understand it.

The DPG has taken a number of measures to rid the world of KPC. It was not enough for them to ensure that the book disappears from the market. KPC ideas had already become independent; they are taught at institutes for teacher education, they are propagated in lectures at universities, they have entered school curricula, and even worse: they have been distributed abroad - not only in Europe but they are also found in America and in China.

Thanks to their comprehensive work, the DPG can record success: Two months after the publication of the DPG report the AULIS publishing house cancels its cooperation with me.

But the DPG action has also an unexpected side effect: It is an optimal advertising campaign for the KPC. For this I am grateful to the Board of DPG. Below some material concerning the DPG process can be found in English language. More material in German language is found here.

The author of the KPC
Friedrich Herrmann



Initiatives of the German Physical Society

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Reactions and replies

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A chronicle of the events

Request of 24 professors of Theoretical Physics to withdraw the DPG report

Reply of Prof. Dr. Strunk and Prof. Dr. Rincke, University of Regensburg

Proceedings of the GIREP meeting 2014 in Palermo: On the verdict of the German Physical Society against the Karlsruhe Physics Course – a chronicle of events F. Herrmann and M. Pohlig



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